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2010-05-24 09:36 am

Gail Carriger, Victoriana, and the Parasol Protectorate Series (with spoilers!)

One of the noticeable gaps in most steampunk literature is a lack of variety and depth in dealing with sexuality. While sex in itself is a frequent topic (brothels make important settings in Paul di Filippo’s Steampunk Trilogy, Stephen Hunt’s The Court of the Air, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling’s The Difference Engine, and Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, to name a few), more serious conversations about Victorian social conventions with regards to sexual behaviors and identities are often glossed over or outright neglected. This, in my mind, is a pity, particularly when one considers the wealth of information on the subject—everything from dry medical and legal texts to fiction and artwork—that could provide the basis for “queering” Victorian-based steampunk.

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